How to publish an audiobook

Both Radio Play Releases and Audiobooks have to follow specific guidelines:

On Track Level
Every track should be entered as follows:
Chapter 1: Track Title or Release Name
Chapter 2: Track Title or Release Name
  • Speaker: enter the speaker as a main track artist (name and surname).
  • Author: enter the author’s name in the ‘Contributors’ section as a lyricist (name and surname).
Select the genre “Word” and "Audiobook" as sub-genre on our platform. Please send us details regarding the audiobook genre with the additional information described in the next section.
Additional Information
We need to add a short description of your audiobook to your release. Please send us an email to containing:
  • short description;
  • details regarding the audiobook genre.
IMPORTANT: audiobooks will be available on iTunes on release date.

Please note that Amazon is provided with your audiobook by Audible. Delivery via Audible to Amazon and Audibles own shop takes longer. Expect your audiobook to be available in these shops about 4 weeks after release date.

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