How do I request a payout?

To request a payout go to "Payout Overview" in "My account". Select the email address you want to transfer the money to and click on "Request payout".
We want you to earn all the money from your releases but there might be some fees you should expect.
Bank transfer
  • EU countries: € 0.40; 
  • Switzerland: € 0.28;
  • Other non-EU countries: depends on your bank;
  • Please note: in order to initiate a payout via bank transfer we need full bank details and full bank account holder details.
  • No transaction fee on iMusician side. However, please note that PayPal charges a fee for receiving a payment, depending on the country and the total amount.
Credit card
  • We don’t do credit card payouts
  • You can request a payout and receive your money through the payment method you have chosen on the payout page. We pay within 7 business days.

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