What do I need?

  1. ☑️ Audio files
  2. ☑️ Artwork
  3. ☑️ Metadata
Audio files
In what format do I upload my music to iMusician?
We only accept WAV files 44.1 - 48 kHz, 16 - 24 bit 
What's the maximum size per track I can upload?
The maximum size for a track is 1 GB.

Many shops, including Apple Music (iTunes) and Spotify, have very strict policies on artwork they will accept to be sold or streamed from their site. If your artwork does not meet their standards, we will be unable to distribute your release. To ensure your release complies, be sure to follow the guidelines, below. 

Cover artwork, do's and don't's
The artwork must meet the following requirements:
  • minimum 3000 x 3000 pixels;
  • JPG or PNG and sharp when viewing it on 100%;
  • RGB colour mode.


  • We recommend adding the artist name and the release title on your artwork especially if you use an artist picture or generic landscape pictures. 
  • The artist name and the release title do not have to be added on artistic works.
We do not accept:
  • blurry and pixelated images;
  • website URLs;
  • social network symbols;
  • email addresses;
  • pornographic images;
  • copyrighted images.

To help you, we’ve created a PDF with artwork guidelines. You can use this for your own reference, or share it with your graphic designer. Download it here .

☑️  Metadata
In order to deliver your music to the platforms, we need you to list the artists performing in your release. In the “Tracks” section of your Dashboard, under “Contributors” you can choose among different role options (“Arranger”, “Remixer”, etc) for each track. 
The only two compulsory fields you must fill in are “Composer” and “Lyricist”. If it comes to an instrumental track, you can just insert the Composer and tick the "Instrumental" box.
Some shops do show the composers and lyricists for a release and it is mandatory that you provide the real names here. 
Artist names are not allowed and, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it, except if you have a registered artist nickname in a performing rights society, such as GEMA, SACEM, ASCAP (check with them for more info).
Please note that iTunes and other shops also display the copyright owners.

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